Stagshaw Gardens

Stagshaw Gardens :


South Lakes

Stagshaw Gardens near Ambleside

This woodland garden, covering about 8 acres, was created by the late Cubby Acland, who was regional agent for the National Trust until his retirement in 1973. There are fine collections of rhododendrons and azaleas, ericaceous trees and shrubs, including magnolias, camelias and embothriums.


About half of the area is on very steep hillside, riven by ridges and valleys down one of which cascades a woodland beck with small waterfalls. There are splendid views over Windermere.


The acidic soil of the Lake District is particularly suited to rhododendrons, camelias, and other ericaceous trees and shrubs

Beautiful views of Windermere from Stagshaw Garden. The terrain is very hilly in at least half the site.

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