Low Wray St Margaret’s Church

Low Wray – St Margaret’s Church

Location : Hawkshead
Grid Ref SD 362033


Low Wray - St Margaret's Church. Pic F26P15.
The church was built in 1856 by James Dawson, a retired surgeon from Liverpool, who built Wray Castle next door and intended the Church as a chapel for ‘the spiritual benefit of his family, retainers, estate workers , servants and friends’. It was consecrated in 1861.
After Dr Dawson’s death in 1875, the Wray Castle estate was inherited by his nephew, Preston Rawnsley. In 1877 Preston’s cousin, Hardwicke Rawnsley (later to become one of the founders of the National Trust), took up the appointment of vicar of St Margaret’s.
There is a marble memorial to James Dawson and his wife Margaret. There are a number of stained glass windows well worth looking at. The southwest window records a tragedy at a time when there was no defence against infectious disease. It is known as the ‘Children’s Window’. The East window depicts the Crucifixion.


Low Wray - St Margaret's Church. Pic F46P19.


Wray Church


Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.


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