Hodge Close Quarry

Hodge Close Quarry :

Little Langdale

South Lakes

Hodge Close Quarry. Photo by Ann Bowker

Hodge Close Quarry is just one of many slate workings in the Tilberthwaite Valley, between Langdale and Coniston. This was worked on a large scale from the 19th century to small scale in the early 1960s.
Hodge Close Quarry is a massive excavation of light green coloured slate, sheer-sided and unfenced, with an original worked depth from ground level of about 100m (300 feet). The 150 feet deep face is a favourite with abseilers, while the 150 feet deep flooded workings which extend below the surface are popular with divers.



From the far end two huge openings are visible at water level, one containing the wrecked steel base of a crane, which lead into the neighbouring Parrock Quarry.
For serious divers the quarry has a maximum depth of about 32m with visibility up to about 10m. There is a tunnel entrance at about 24m which leads to three chambers and 2 interconnecting tunnels.
A number of divers have lost their lives in Hodge Close Quarry, mainly as the result of getting lost in the underwater tunnels.


Photo by Tony Richards.

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