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Dora’s Field – Rydal

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The Rash field, next to the churchyard of St Mary’s Church at Rydal, was bought by Wordsworth originally to build a house, while he lived at Rydal Mount [from 1813 to 1850].


image of daffodils in Dora's field looking towards St Mary's Church at Rydal in the Lake District

At the time of buying the Rash Field, Wordsworth was renting Rydal Mount from Lady Anne le Flemming, who was threatening to withdraw the tenancy and hand it to a relative.


Wordsworth went as far as paying to have plans for the new building to be drawn up by George Webster, a famous Kendal architect. The new house would have dominated the views from Rydal Mount but Lady Anne le Flemming withdrew her threat and Wordsworth’s planned house never materialised.


image of daffodils planted by William Wordsworth in Dora's field at Rydal in the Lake District

After his daughter Dora died in 1847, William went down to the field between Rydal Mount and the main road, and together with his wife, sister and gardener, planted hundreds of daffodils as a memorial to Dora.


Dora’s Field now belongs to the National Trust who maintain it, and have placed benches around the little field.

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