Wind Farms in Cumbria


Wind Farms in West Cumbria
The wind farms of Oldside and Siddick on the Solway Coast, just north of Workington, have been producing electricity since the Autumn 1996.
Cumbria has presently 12 wind farms and more are being erected and yet more proposed. The Government aims to have 10% of the United Kingdom’s energy needs derived from renewable sources by 2010.


The ecological advantage of wind power is recognised. Electricity is produced without the emission of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide from conventional power stations burning coal, oil or gas.


However, the economic advantages are debatable. The siting of so many wind farms in Cumbria is controversial, as it is elsewhere.


Wind farms could spoil substantial areas of Cumbria’s natural beauty and the total electricity produced might be less than the capacity of a single nuclear powered station!


Wind Farms in West Cumbria


Aerial photos by Simon Ledingham.


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