Dearham St Mungos Church

Dearham – St Mungo’s Church


Location Cockermouth
Grid Ref NY 073364


Dearham - St Mungo's Church.


The Church of St Mungo in Dearham was probably built in the early 12th Century, on a site where Christian worship has taken place since before the Norman conquest. It has a 13th Century chancel, and a fortress tower (Pele Tower) built for the protection of men and animals during the Border raids.


The treasures of the Church include two stones found during 1882 restoration work. Standing four feet high is the Adam stone, dating from AD 900, which depicts the Fall and Redemption of Man, with Adam and Eve hand in hand above a serpent. The Kenneth Cross shows the legend of the 6th Century hermit, St Kenneth, who was lame from birth and after his baptism cast away in a coracle. He was saved from the gales, and brought up by seabirds.


There is a a magnificent wheel-head cross, in splendid condition. It stands 5 feet 4 inches high, and is carved with ‘Yggdrasil‘, the Norse Tree of the Universe.


There is also a Norman front carved with mythological beasts, and a figure that may be the devil.


A single stained glass window – the East window – The Ascension by Clayton and Bell.


Dearham - St Mungo's Church.


Dearham - St Mungo's Church.


Dearham - St Mungo's Church.


Aerial photos by Simon Ledingham.


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