Beetham – Cappelside Hall

Location Beetham
Grid Ref SD 498798


Cappelside Hall
Cappelside Hall, or the remains, are situated about 400 yards West of Beetham Nurseries, just off the A6. The site sits in the middle of a field looking south across the valley towards the paper mill.
The remains consist of substantial masonry and earthwork remains. The earliest documentary reference to Cappelside, is in 1336, whilst it was not until much later, 1691, before the hall was documented. The buildings may have already have been abandoned by this time. Records from around 1760 describe the site as a large lordly residence, consisting of a central hall with two service wings to a height of three storeys. The buildings were largely destroyed during the 18th century but one of the wings was converted to a barn. It is a fragment of this structure that survives today, nearly 2 metres high and up to a metre thick.
It is obvious from the photos that the site is now much ruined, although the remains are certainly solid enough to suggest its defensive qualities, and the surrounding earthworks lay testament to the original size of the site.


Cappelside Hall


Cappelside Hall


Photos and text by Matthew Emmott.

The ‘sad’ state of our heritage – By Matthew Emmott


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