Pirelli International Rally – Carlisle April 2007


The Pirelli International Rally 2007 was organised by The Cumberland Sporting Car Club in association with Pirelli Tyres Ltd.
Carlisle Airport Authority gave permission to use the airport as Rally HQ and Service Centre, along with support from Kingmoor Park and Carlisle City Council, with the rally start and finish in the City Centre being an important highlight of the rally.
This year the Kielder & Kershope Forests provided the competitive mileage for the four main events, these were:

  • The Pirelli International Rally
  • The Pirelli Historic Rally ~ making a welcome return to this event
  • The Pirelli National Rally
  • The Pirelli Land Rover Rally

The rally started with Leg 1 from 17.00 – 19.15 hours on Friday evening, in front of Carlisle’s historic Town Hall.
With a live commentary for the thousands of spectators waiting to see and hear the sound of high performance rally cars, you could feel tension in the air. Engines crackled and popped, as the drivers and cars queued to take their turn at the starting ramp, gave warning that these were mainly very high revving beasts, often uncomfortable at ‘tickover’ revs, waiting to be unleashed on the different stages of the border forest areas. Every now and then a driver would give a quick stamp on the throttle, instantantaneously followed by an ear splitting roar ~ to cheers from the waiting spectators. The noise and colour of the ocassion gave pleasure to many.
Leg 1 finished at Parc Ferme service area at 23.00 hours on Friday 20th.
Leg 2 started at Parc Ferme service area at 09.15 hours on Saturday morning, 21st April.
Leg 2 finished in Carlisle town centre with prizes given for the different classes of car, at the start/finish ramp.
Drivers, cars, and spectators got drenched with champagne at the prizegiving on Saturday evening.



Words and photos by Jan Fialkowski.
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