Patterdale St Patrick’s Church

Patterdale – St Patrick’s Church

Location Patterdale
Grid Ref NY 393162


Patterdale - St Patrick's Church. Pic C0415 11 June 2006

St Patrick’s Church, Patterdale, dates from 1853 and is by one of the most successful of Victorian architects, Anthony Salvin. It replaces a 14th Century chapel.
The interior of the Church has embroideries by Ann Macbeth, a pioneer of craft education who lived and worked in Patterdale in the first half of the 20th Century. The large panel of ‘The Good Shepherd’ shows as background the view towards Kirkstone from Wordsworth Cottage, the artist’s home. Beneath it is a small panel embroidered with the score of Parry’s music for Blake’s ‘Jerusalem’. Another colourful embroidery by Ann MAcbeth, again in a Patterdale setting, shows a scene of the Nativity.
In the churchyard is a large irregular mound, on which the famous Patterdale Yews stood. A local meeting-point and tourist attraction, they were more than a thousand years old, but were blown down in 1883.


Patterdale - St Patrick's Church. Pic F41P2.


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