Moor Divock Stone Circles

Moor Divock Stone Circles

Location : Pooley Bridge  –  Grid Ref : NY 482222

The Cockpit. Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.

Moor Divock is a featureless tract of fairly level land, 300 metres above sea level, forming part of Askham Fell, to the East of Ullswater. Dotted around the moor are many cairns and burial mounds, the most conspicuous being White Raise, near the junction of the trackway over the moor, and the path to Askham.
Just to the east of the trackway are the remains of two small stone circles, (Moor Divock 4 and 5), and to the west of the trackway is a settlement site consisting of hut circles and tumuli.

The Cockpit. Photo by Ann Bowker.

The Cockpit (above) by far the largest and most impressive of the Moor Divock circles, is about 1km to the west of the two smaller circles. It is likely that the stone circles and burial mounds belong to the bronze age, and the settlement may be connected to them. It consists of a low penannular bank of stones, 3 metres wide, and with an internal diameter of about 26m, which surrounds a featureless short turfed interior. Set into the bank are many large stones, the tallest of which form the inner face of the circle, some reaching up to 1 metre high.

The Cop Stone on Moor Divock. Photo by Ann Bowker.

The Copstone, at Grid Ref NY 496217, is about 5 feet (1.5 metres) high and is leaning.
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