Little Meg Stone Circle

Little Salkeld – Little Meg Stone Circle


Location Little Salkeld

Grid Ref NY577375


Little Meg Stone Circle. Pic F13P23.


Just over a third of a mile (0.5 km) to the North-East of Long Meg and her Daughters, the largest stone circle in Cumbria, is one of the smallest, appropriately named Little Meg. Obscured in summer by long grass, it is near the edge of a pasture field near the road from Little Salkeld to Glassonby. Unfortunately it is now a confusion of stones, with the stones not in their original positions.
There are eleven stones in an irregular ring measuring 5.86m by 4.72m, with the tallest stone being some 1.3m high. On one stone are some geometrical carvings – consisting of a spiral and five concentric circles. The three circles of Long Meg, Little Meg and nearby Glassonby are the only ones in Cumbria with such carvings.


Little Meg Stone Circle.


Little Meg Stone Circle


Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham.


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