Glassonby Stone Circle

Little Salkeld – Glassonby Stone Circle

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Glassonby Stone Circle.
Glassonby stone circle is a short distance north west of the village of Glassonby, and just over 1.3 miles (2km) to the north of Long Meg and her Daughters, the largest stone circle in Cumbria. The circle of continuous stones is on a raised mound, which extends beyond the base of the stones. Until they were excavated by W.G.Collingwood in 1900, the stones were covered by the mound.
Melmerby Fell in the Pennines dominates the scene to the east, and to the west, across the Eden Valleym are the most northerly of the Lakeland Fells.
The 30 stones form an oval measuring 15.7m by 14m. The tallest stone is 92cm high. During Collingwood’s excavations, a collared urn was discovered, which is now in Carlisle Museum.
The stone circle is on private land and you should get permission from the landowner if you wish to visit it (see comments on Megalithic link below).


Glassonby Stone Circle.


Glassonby Stone Circle.


Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham. Other photos by Nicola Didsbury.


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