Cumbria 4 kids

Cumbria and the Lake District for Kids


  • This is for kids NOT for grown ups!
  • But if you are a parent you can use it for your kids if they don’t read yet.
  • Or if you really are a proper fun grown up – but NO snitching!


Legging It
Walks & Treasure Hunts
Places to Explore
Animal Attractions
Animal Parks
Aquariums, Birds of Prey
All About Water
Lakes, Rivers & Coast
Beaches, Fishing, Activities
Under Power
Steam Trains
Open Buses, Boats
Geltsdale RSPB reserve, Cumbria, England. April 2010.
Wild Kids
Nature Reserves
Wildlife, Bushcraft
Rocks & More Rocks
Mine Tours & Quarries
Minerals & Fossils
imagine that
Imagine That!
Theatre & Storytelling
Riddles, Ghosts & Legends
Ancient Cumbria
Stone Circles. Romans
Forts, Castles, Museums
Adventure Activities
Just for Kids (AALA)
Adventure Playgrounds
Rainy Days
Places to Visit &
Things to Do in the Dry
Parks & Pools
Swimming Pools
Playgrounds, Crazy Golf …
More Bright Ideas
Stuff, Stuff,
Stuff & More Stuff

When you grow up and have children of your own do please remember something important….

a stodgy parent is no fun at all.

What a child wants and deserves is a parent who is


Roald Dahl

Note:  none of the information pages in Cumbria 4 Kids are paid for by the people or places we mention – in fact they usually don’t know we have visited and are writing about them! This means it’s honest.
We have possibly the best job in the world – testing fun in the Lake District and Cumbria.