Kirkby Stephen – Wharton Hall

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Wharton Hall.
Wharton Hall is in the Mallerstang Valley, near Kirkby Stephen. It is a very impressive 14th century tower house with a gatehouse, internal courtyard and out buildings dating up to the 17th century. The gatehouse, although ruined is very solid, and together with the curtain wall, completely surrounds the medieval courtyard.
The name Wharton emerged in the 14th century when Qu changed throughout England to Wh. The de Quertons as they were then known became de Wherton and then de Wharton and finally Wharton.
Wharton Hall was built by Sir Thomas Wharton in about 1436, with the gatehouse and the West wing built later, finally being complete when the coat of arms over the archway was carved and the date 1559.
The hall is part of a working farm, and lays at the end of a private drive some three miles or so long, so not only is it privately owned, it’s not easy to get to.


Wharton Hall


Wharton Hall


Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham. Other photos by Matthew Emmott.


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