Oddendale Stone Circle

Shap – Oddendale Stone Circle

Grid Ref NY 592129


Oddendale Stone Circle
In the hamlet of Oddendale is the finest of the Crosby Ravensworth stone circles. It consists of two concentric rings, as does the nearby Gunnerkeld Stone Circle, though Oddendale is smaller and less impressive than Gunnerkeld.


The outer circle of 34 stones has a diameter of 27.1 metres, with the tallest stone only 64 cm high. The inner circle is is 7.4 metres in diameter forming a kerb of almost contiguous stones around a low mound, with the tallest being only 40cm high.


As with other stone circles in the area, most of the stones are of Shap granite.


Oddendale Stone Circle


Photos by Simon Ledingham.


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