Gamelands Stone Circle

Gamelands Stone Circle

Location : Orton  –  Grid Ref : NY 640082


One mile east of Orton is the ancient Gamelands stone circle – some 100 yards in circumference. Although one of the largest in Cumbria, all of its stones have tumbled, and none is higher than one yard, so is infrequently visited, though access is easy.


Standing at the base of Knott Scar, artefacts have been found here that are thought to date from the period between 1800-1400 BC.


Although partially destroyed it is still recognisable. The circle is oval shaped, 146 by 123 feet (44.5 by 37.5 metres) and built on a low bank. It is in an attractive and peaceful setting. It once boasted 40 stones but farming over 100 years ago has either damaged or reduced them.


There are now only 33 stones left and it is classed as a flattened and embanked stone circle. The stones, which are made of Shap Granite, stand no more than 1 metre high, above ground.

Sunbiggin Tarn and Great Asby Scar are nearby.



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