Edenhall St Cuthbert’s Church

Edenhall – St Cuthbert’s Church


Location Edenhall
Grid Ref NY 569321


Edenhall - St Cuthbert's Church. Pic N3575.


Edenhall Church, dedicated to St. Cuthbert, stands in parkland to the south of the village of Edenhall. Parts of the building are pre-norman, the porch 13th century and the tower about 1450. Inside the building, the sandstone font is Norman, and the windows in the south of the nave have heraldic glass showing the arms of Musgrave, Stapleton, Veteripont and Hilton. The chancel windows commemorate the marriages of Stapleton to Musgrave – Lords of the Manor. In the east window is some 11th century glass. In the chancel is a memorial bracss to Sir William Stapleton and his wife Margaret, and memorials to the Musgraves. The balcony was restored in 2000.


Edenhall - St Cuthbert's Church.


Edenhall - St Cuthbert's Church


Aerial photos by Simon Ledingham. Other photos by Julian Thurgood and Matthew Emmott.


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