Garrigill – St John’s Church


Location : Garrigill
Grid Ref NY 745415


Garrigill - St John's Church.


St John’s Church dates from the eighteenth century, but has been much restored. The original building was four-square, crowded with pews, and had plain sash-windows. A gallery was erected in 1752 and removed in 1890. In that year began extensive alterations.


The chancel arch was built to separate the choir, The East and South windows were installed, and the vestry was added on the North side. The organ was bought in 1894, the lectern given in 1900. The restorations were completed by the gift of the North window in 1904.


The Reredos is a memorial to the Fallen in the Great War, 1914 – 1918. Notice the name “Vipond” among those listed. This is a corruption of “Veteri de Ponte” the original holders of the Manor, and the family of that name claimed direct descent. The family was widespread in the district until the eighteenth century, but has now disappeared. Vipond survives as a Christian name in the area.


Garrigill - St John's Church.


Photos by Simon Ledingham.


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