Dendron – St Matthew’s Church


Location : Dendron / Gleaston / Barrow-in-Furness
Grid Ref SD 247707


Dendron - St Matthew's  Church.


St Matthew’s Church at Dendron was built as a Chapel of Ease in 1642, and is a fine and important architectural example in the North of that troubled period in the history of our nation. In May 1892 St. Matthew’s became a Parish church in its own right.


The church spent most of its early life as a school for the village children.


In 1652, the famous Quaker George Fox preached with some success at the chapel and noted that “no priest had ever preached in it” before this time. It was not until 1671 that a Minister was properly appointed to serve Dendron.


The renowned artist George Romney, born in nearby Dalton, was educated for a short time at the school but was removed in 1745 by his father because he had failed to make any progress.


The church has one stained glass window – the East window – a gold crown with garlanded leaves and red berries, by an unknown artist.


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