Ullswater Steamers for Kids

Location : Pooley Bridge / Glenridding

Pier House, Glenridding. Tel 017684 82229.

The Lady Wakefield at Howtown

On Ullswater, one of the most beautiful of the English Lakes, there are two beautiful “steamers” you can go out on. ‘MY Raven’ and ‘MY Lady of the Lake’ both from the 19th Century were originally powered by steam engines but have now been converted to run on oil,

There are often special cruises for kids, have a look at the Ullswater Steamers website (below) for dates and themes.

These steamers were set up in 1859, carrying mail, provisions and passengers around the lake. ‘MY Raven’ was built in 1889 at Rutherglen near Glasgow. ‘MY Lady of the lake’ was launched in 1877, and both vessels have been in service ever since. During the 1930’s both were converted to diesel.


The Ullswater steamer approaching Howtown. Photos by Ann Bowker.

In the tourist season there are three 2 hour trips happening daily between Glenridding, and Pooley Bridge, where the River Eamont flows out of the Lake. There are also five shorter one hour cruises between Glenridding and Howtown.


You can also have a nice walk along the shore or over a fell to go with your cruise. The walk from Howtown to Glenridding is said by some to be the most beautiful walk in Lakeland.


Steamer Pier at Glenridding.

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