Cumbria 4 Kids – The Rum Story

Location : Whitehaven

Grid Ref : NX 973181

Lowther St, Whitehaven, Cumbria. CA28 7DN. Tel: 01946 592933


Smugglers, Pirates and the evil Slave Trade, all part of Whitehaven’s dark history and brought to life in The Rum Story – the Dark Spirit of Whitehaven.


Once a hugely important port bringing sugar, spices and slaves from the Caribbean to England, Whitehaven is now home to this all weather venue, perfect for a Rainy Day.


The Rum Story is set in the original shop, courtyards, cellars and bonded warehouses of the Jefferson family business, in the Georgian town of Whitehaven.  In the centre of town is their Georgian Wine Merchant’s shop front, complete with many of the original fittings and items of interest from the Jefferson’s business.


The journey starts in the Caribbean rainforest and tells  the story of rum, bringing to life the slave trade, American prohibition, smuggling,  rum in the Royal Navy, rum in history, the process of rum making and more.


The Courtyard Cafe is open to everyone whether you are visiting the exhibition or just fancy a snack and drink.


Within the courtyard is the amazing ‘Kinetic Clock’ (see Gallery), which every half-hour, graphically depicts the way rum is made – from the harvesting of sugar cane to the bottling of the rum.


There is a gift shop, where you can get reminders of your visit and unusual presents. There are miniature barrels, hematite statuettes of the Boy on a Capstan sculpture on the Sugar Tongue, tall ship replicas and more.


Opening times:  The Rum Story is open from 10a.m – 4.30p.m daily. Last admission 3.30p.m.   They occasionally close odd days so call 01946 592933 if you would like to double check.


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