The Rheged Centre

Where is it? :  Right on the edge of Penrith – Tel: 01768 868000
We like it because :  Stuff to do for all ages and lots of special events in the holidays. Great 3D screen and interesting films, not just all Disney.
What’s it all about? : It’s the biggest grass covered building in the UK and has the biggest 3D screen in the North West.  It’s a Visitor Centre with quite a lot of shops and 3 cafe’s inside as well as a small theatre and childrens’ play and craft areas.  You can –


  •  paint mugs, bowls, plates and models in the Create Pottery Painting Workshop and bake them to take home and use.
  • use the soft play areas if you’re under 4’6″ (1.37 m) and a grown up supervises you – they can have a cuppa at the same time.
  • see one of the 3D films – a few are normal kids’ films but some are really awesome like “The Last Reef ” and they are all OK for kids.
  • get involved with some of the workshops and events they put on, mostly during the holidays – see our What’s On kids’ section for details.
  • see one of the Theatre performances they put on sometimes, mostly in the holidays – see our What’s On kids’ section for details.


Also look out for : When the weather is good the outdoor play area is great and has a brilliant fort & giant slide.
How much is it? :  Free to park & go in.  You pay for the indoor stuff : Pottery painting – £2.50 to £7.  Soft play – £3 for 1 hour,  unlimited is £5. Films – kids £4.80, grown ups £6.50, seniors & students £5, family £19.50. All have special offers for the next film. Special events – vary.
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