Loweswater Circuit for Kids

Where is it? :  About 8 miles from Cockermouth, 11 miles from Keswick.

‘Due to the current government guidelines the Kirkstile Inn temporarily closed.’

We like it because :  It’s a 4 mile walk staying close to the lake and not too high so good for when the weather is a bit wild as well as sunny days.  There’s lots to do, particularly on the wooded side and there can be hot chocolate with squirty cream or Grog (ginger beer) at the end.  This is a great lake to start with as it’s so small and then you can work up to the bigger ones.  Very quiet compared to the better known lakes.


spike in tree face - page

The Goblin Tree on the side of Loweswater.

What’s it all about? :  Park at one of the places marked on the map below while you walk – NOT at the Kirkstile – they won’t be happy!  The track is really easy to find but on the road side of the lake you need to use your eyes to find the path beside the lake, there’s only a short bit where you actually need to walk on the road.  If you get lost you’re a complete numpty.


Lovely woods on the side opposite the road and good trees for climbing – there are also “tarzan” swings in the wood near the Bothy.  In May the wood at the furthest end is covered in bluebells.  Lots of good picnic spots on this side too.


Boats to rent from friendly natives at Watergate Farm – 01946 861465.  Fishing permits here too if you want to catch sharks (pike really).


You can either walk to the Kirkstile at the end of your walk or move your car to their car park while you have Grog – tasty food here too and famously good beer for the grown ups.  It’s a very popular olde worlde Inn and can get very crowded at Bank Holidays but we almost always manage to get a table and in good weather the beer garden is excellent.  Open all day but doesn’t do food and hot chocolate between 4.30pm and 6.00pm.


Also look out for : The little Bothy on the lake side can be rented from the National Trust if you want to stay here for a few days.  Looks great and would be brilliant later in the day when all the walkers go home but I bet the midgies are vicious – so mozzie spray essential in the summer evenings.


Tips : This is not a swimming lake because of the chance of something natural called blue green algae.  This can get concentrated and “bloom” in hot weather and possibly cause tummy bugs or skin irritation so to be on the safe side stay out of the water and keep dogs out too.


How much is it? :  Parking free. Walking free. Hot Chocolate at the Kirkstile Inn £2.05


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