“Huntfun” Treasure Hunts in Towns

What are they? : Clever printed or downloadable hunts with map and directions where you search for answers to clues. Takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours but you could make it last longer.
We weren’t too sure about these – how do you have a treasure hunt without treasure at the end?  So we checked out the Cockermouth Hunt with the aid of one of our Visit Cumbria for Kids testers Spike, age 10, and an old friend Dave.
Result?  Highly recommended, a great laugh – an actually laughed out loud a lot.  If you’ve never been around a town without looking in the shop windows this is the way to do it.  You do really have to hunt for the answers to the clues and it’s surprising what you’ve been missing.  And it wasn’t at all important whether there was actual treasure at the end or not – it’s the Hunt that’s the fun.
We also thought that £5.00 for the whole family for 2 hour’s fun was quite reasonable but if you don’t order the hunts in advance of your holiday you can still download them to your smart phone for £7.00 which is still not bad.
Maybe if you’re here on holiday and one of your parents needs to do boring type shopping (eg stocking up the kitchen for your holiday cottage)  you could take the other one on a Treasure Hunt.
Treasure Hunts by Towns










Kirkby Lonsdale

Kirkby Stephen 






This is some of Huntfun’s blurb taken from their website:

What you get! Our DIY treasure hunts are pre written so all you need to do is buy one and you’re set with everything you need including directions, clues, a map and the answers. You can order a printed treasure hunt booklet which we will post to you, or you can buy a downloadable treasure hunt to print yourself or view on smartphones, ipads, kindles etc. We also have fully interactive GPS treasure hunts you do on a your smart phone or hand held device, great for those who love their gadgets!