Banks East – Turrets

Banks East – Turrets 51B and 52A

Location Brampton

Grid Ref NY 575648


The western 48 kilometres (30 miles) of Hadrian’s Wall was first built of turf, with stone turrets. This section went from Bowness-on-Solway, on the West coast, to the River Irthing near Harrow’s Scar, Milecastle 49. Within about ten years, the turf wall was replaced with stone. These turrets were later incorporated into the stone wall. At Turret 52A are the turret remains, and a short stretch of wall.



Close to Banks Turret is Leahill Turret 51B.


These turrets, two equidistant between the milecastles, were designed for temporary occupation by soldiers patrolling the wall, and had an upper floor with ladder access, and a wall walk.


There are information panels at the turrets, with drawings of a reconstruction of the turrets as they may have looked. There is a small car park at Banks Turret 52A.



Between these turrets is Pike Hill Signal Tower.


The turrets are in the care of English Heritage.

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