Troutbeck – Windermere

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Troutbeck, near Windermere. Photo by Dave Brown

Troutbeck is an elongated and relatively old-fashioned village along the long-established, narrow and hilly coach road from Windermere to Penrith. The main part of the village stands above the modern road, which bypasses the village.


Beatrix Potter used to live in the village at Troutbeck Park Farm, where she bred herdwick sheep. The property, and the sheep are now the property of the National Trust.
Along the approach road to the village are a number of drinking troughs, bearing saint’s names, which were provided for horses as they tackled the long climb over the Kirkstone Pass to Patterdale and beyond.
Jesus Church was built in 1736 on the site of a 15th century chapel. It stands below the village on the modern road, and has splendid Pre-Raphaelite windows designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, and made by William Morris & Co. William Morris was responsible for the design of the greenery in the window, and some of the details are the work of Ford Madox Brown.


Townend House and Townend Farm, Troutbeck. Photo by Tony Richards.

Townend House presents a unique insight into the life of one Lake District family through the centuries. The house was built in 1626 for George Browne, a ‘statesman’ (wealthy yeoman) farmer and his new bride, Susannah Rawlinson. It remained with the family until 1943 when it transferred into National Trust ownership. Townend is now the most famous of the statesman’s houses in Cumbria.


Troutbeck Post Office. Photo by Ann Bowker.

Holehird Gardens is a demonstration garden managed by the Lakeland Horticultural Society, and within the grounds of the Holehird Estate. The house is leased as a nursing home. The house and the paths surrounding it are not open to the public, but the gardens that lie in front, though not part of the LHS gardens are open to visitors.

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