Cathedral Cave

Cathedral Quarry (Cathedral Cave) :

Little Langdale

South Lakes

The Cathedral quarries are a small network of inter-linked quarries above Little Langdale. The system is best known for its main chamber, which still stands forty feet in height, and is lit by two windows off the main quarry. They are frequently referred to as Cathedral “Cave”.
Having read the sign at the entrance, and accepting its conditions, you then enter a tunnel. For this first tunnel you will probably not need lighting. At the end of the tunnel you will enter a forty foot high chamber that is known as “The Cathedral”.
The larger of the two openings opens onto the second level of a pit quarry. The smaller opens out into a narrow, cutting like quarry, which eventually leads back to the entrance where you started.
There are various tunnels to explore, which will require lighting, as one is about 400 feet long.



The crag is owned and managed by the National Trust which has gone to considerable lengths to keep the quarry open for climbers in recent years, and all group leaders must attend a safety briefing session. Briefings are arranged by the National Trust South Lakes estate office, 015394 41456. Individual climbers are not affected.
Grid Ref : NY 314029
Photos by Terry Staniforth:

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