Bridge House

Bridge House

Location : Ambleside
Grid Ref : SD 375045


Bridge House, Ambleside

Bridge House is possibly the most photographed building in the Lake District, and a popular subject for many artists including Turner. A tiny building, originally an apple store for nearby Ambleside Hall, was built over Stock Beck to escape land tax. Once five mills were driven by the power of Stock Beck and some may still be seen nearby. It is said that at some time a family with six children lived here in the two rooms.


In 1926 it was purchased by a group of local people who passed it into the care of the National Trust, which 20 years later they turned into their first information and recruitment centre. You can now visit without charge to see the 2 sparsely furnished rooms.


A high tech Cumbrian chimney

Note the fine roof details, particularly the ridge of interlocking ‘wrestler’ slates, and the traditional pattern of slate coursing with the smallest tiles nearest the ridge.